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Project Description

This project provides a CRM plugin solution framework that consists of CRM Toolbox Solution that includes entities and a plugin base class with supporting code to rapidly create robust and efficient plugins.

The CRM Toolbox Solution contains entities to support the following key functions within any plugin:

1. Settings Management.
2. Trace Logging.
3. Sequence Number Creation.

It also contains a functioning scheduled process engine that makes it possible to execute workflows against a queried set of records on a recurring basis. This tool can be useful for solving a all types of record maintenance and tagging processes.

You can download either the managed or unmanaged versions of the solution below.

Finally, this project provides a base classes, a data cache, extension methods, and other tools that can be used to rapidly build robust plugins. See ExtensionSettingPlugin.cs and ScheduledProcessPlugin.cs for examples of how to use base class and libraries.

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